David Goldberg is very thorough, knowledgeable and accessible for questions.

He was very professional in his work, very courteous and did a good job.

Great service - would recommend to anyone! professional and quick

I was purchasing a foreclosed home. RHS did the home inspection. David was very helpful and experienced. He let me know everything he was looking at and why. A informative home inspection report, that I use with the contractors to have things corrected

We very much appreciated David's in depth explanations and input. Super detailed and very professional. Two thumbs up!

RHS Inc., leads by example on what an inspection company should be. Dave, was very thorough and explained everything in detail about the house. He was very patient, oozed customer service, and was very professional each step of the way. I would definitely use Reliable Home Services Inc. again. Their cost is on the higher end but with the quality inspection you get, it is worth every penny! I feel that I am going into buying my home with open eyes with knowledge of every nook and crevice of this home and the thorough report given, I know I will be able to use it to reference back to, when needed, on future care needed for the home. Thank you so much for your five star service!!!

David took us through every room, explaining every area in need of repair. You get what you pay for. We paid for a top notch inspector and he was better than expected. I am a former plumbing inspector and I was so impressed with his knowledge and ability to explain details. The inspection lasted over two hours and I enjoyed every moment. Well worth the money!

I had a home inspected by David, and he did a fantastic job. I've worked with other home inspectors who move quickly (60-90 minutes), but David took his time (approx. 3 hours for 3,100 sq.ft., 3 floors) and helped us catch some very important defects that were in places difficult to see if moving too fast. He also helped put renovations in context--what seemed normal maintenance versus poor workmanship by a previous contractor. He also has a good sense of humor, and doesn't mind explaining things to people like me who ask lots of questions. I highly recommend him.

Dave was EXTREMELY thorough. He's a buyer's dream, not only extremely knowledgable, but truly a straight shooter--no BS and no salesmanship, which I truly appreciate. He will walk through each and every concern and explain potential fixes, let you know whether it's urgent or not, and document everything fully so you really know what you are getting into. I am certain he has saved us tens of thousands of dollars just based on the level of detail he provided to us. He truly takes his time to make sure the job is done properly. I've bought a home before, and I have to say that he was a MAJOR improvement over my first inspector (and I shopped around).

David Goldberg was personable, knowledgable, and detailed in his analysis of the house we were considering purchasing. He also explained things in terms that were easy to grasp-especially important given that we are first-time homebuyers. And he responded quickly and thoroughly when I had follow up questions pertaining to his inspection report.

I highly recommend RHS for your home inspection. David arrived early, and led an extended 3.5 hour inspection, covering every corner of every floor of the house. He is very candid in his assessments, and took the time to offer insight and considerations that are not required during the inspection. If/when we need a future inspection in the area, I will definitely use RHS.

We just had our home inspection done with David. He was there ahead of time and performed an excellent 3 hour inspection. He is very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain all details. We can highly recommend him.

We used David Goldberg from Reliable Home Services for our home inspection, and the whole experience was wonderful. He was highly recommended by our realtor who has worked with him several times before, and I couldn't be happier. The two of them together make a great team, and I'm so glad I was able to experience how things SHOULD work on my first go-around as a home-buyer.

David was hugely helpful and knowledgeable about everything in the house. He was thorough and methodical, which I appreciated, and after each room, he asked if we had any questions. He made the whole process educational, and I feel like a more responsible homeowner because of it. He even offered to answer questions after our inspection.

I would recommend RHS, specifically David Goldberg, to any realtor or homeowner.

Excellent inspection from David. He walked through the process in detailed manner and was responsive to questions we had as a first time homebuyer. He provided a very detailed report. We recommend him for home inspections.

We needed a quick second inspection, because we did not feel comfortable with the original inspection we were given. Thankfully Dave was able to fit us in his schedule. He found many things the other inspector did not find, which ended up saving us a lotof out of pocket $

This is our second time hiring a home inspector for a single family house purchase, so we already have some idea of what to expect and what to look for. Amazingly, David still impressed us with his thoroughness and professionalism, and we learned a lot from him. He is very observing, knowledgeable, well organized and patient with our questions.

He checked safety related issues very carefully, such as outlet grounding and garage door safety protections. When testing kitchen appliances, -- which took a while to check whether everything functioned properly, -- he also spend time explaining some fancy features that we are not familiar with. He is so knowledgeable of electricity and plumbing work that he was able to point out that certain electricity job was done recently and that the house was re-plumbed in the past. While discussing with us what he found, he was very explicit about how serious the issues were, e.g., immediate attention, or that can wait and be grouped together with other minor repairs.

We definitely recommend his service, although the service charge is above the average. The service quality is surely above the average, too. Thus for us the money is well worth it, especially considering how big a purchase we are making.